Police/Citizens Incidents Updates

By Elvis Cruz-Lopez These incidents are in no way taken lightly. No one likes to see it and no one likes to talk about it, but it is seen in the news by everyone. Over the past year, we’ve seen numerous incidents that may or may not be justified, where police officers have been involved […]

Mo Love Shirts

Mo Love t-shirts was made and founded by Maurice “Mo” Ross in Eugene Oregon. It started as his friends, and his nieces and nephews making cool designs, and and prints. His idea started when he felt bad and upset with all of the racism, sexism, and hate that was going on in the world. He […]

The Future of Soccer in the U.S.

How this year’s Barclay’s Premier League season might help soccer grow in America. By Aidan Lannom People love to root for the underdog in sports. Especially in the United States, where we develop a hatred of constantly successful teams like the Yankees, Patriots and Lakers and will cheer for whoever can beat them. However, in […]

Holy Ghost Album Review

By Isaiah Houghton Score: 6.5/10 Pennsylvanian rock band Modern Baseball have released their third studio album, “Holy Ghost,” an eclectic record featuring influences from emo, pop rock, punk, indie, and no shortage of self deprecating lyrics that should sound familiar to fans of the band. The record sports a curious halfway split by the songwriters, […]

“Artificial Smartness,” “Cognification,” and the Rapid Emergence of AI

By Cassandra Stegner What is artificial intelligence? Though a complicated and ever expanding topic, the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) defines AI as “the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines.” The science has come a long way since the 1950s, when the term […]

Bias from the Lockers

By Jacob Laskaris It’s well documented and well known that many schools across the nation have a strong political and sometimes religious(or non-religious) bias. Students and teachers who have Judeo-Christian or Conservative Republican views are often pushed off to the side, or are criticized greatly just for having views opposite of the liberal bias that […]

Gorilla Killed To Save Child’s Life

By Marisa Tilson May 28th a four-year-old boy fell 10 to 12 feet into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. The child had been picked up by a gorilla after his fall and had been dragged through the water inside of the enclosement and was later hospitalized. The zoo made the decision to shoot […]